Get to know me….

I’m just a nurse who became an avid reader as a coping mechanism from the stress of work. When you work in such a stressful environment you need an outlet, a safe place so to speak. Well, that’s where books came in!!!

Books provided me with an escape from reality for just enough time to reset my mind after a long days work.

As a nurse you give so much of yourself away it becomes hard to find the pieces of you you lost along the way.

But guess what?…..I found a few (many) “Book Boyfriends” along the way to make things a little bit easier.

Like him……..


And him…….


And him too…….


Here’s a few fun facts about me….

  • I met my husband at a strip club in Las Vegas
  • I love hot yoga
  • I have 2 kids
  • I’ve been married for 10 years (I’m 32)
  • I have ADHD so I can’t sit down and I’m fun as hell
  • I named my dog Gucci because she was expensive that I could have gotten a new Gucci bag

I’m an open book so ask me any and everything. I promise to answer to my best ability as long as I don’t incriminate myself 🙂


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